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Hello! I'm Bill Hall. Here's The Professional Overview:
Bill is President of Simulation Studios where he specializes in developing and delivering business simulation based executive development and accelerated strategy adoption to fortune 500 companies globally. Before starting this, Bill was responsible for Skype’s strategic software business and worked in executive marketing roles at AOL and Nortel. Bill spent over 10 years at Apple. Here, he worked with the executive team including Steve Jobs on keynote presentations and on products such as the iMac, and OS X. He’s a five-time Apple MVP and a Golden Apple award winner. Bill authored a #1 Amazon T&D best-selling book and has appeared in publications such as The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Chief Executive, and other media outlets. Bill has an MBA in entrepreneurial economics and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he helps small businesses thrive when time permits. But, he's proudest of his family which is where he now devotes most of his time.

The Summary From Above:
  • Husband and father who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Small business coach/assistant when time permits
  • Came from ~20yrs in executive tech roles around the world specializing in turnarounds
  • Worked at Apple for ~12yrs - With Steve Jobs on new projects, Golden Apple Award winner and 4 time Apple MVP
  • Author and writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and been mentioned in Huffington Post, Business Insider, and more
  • Currently Running Simulation Studios and Acceleration Studios helping companies do more quicker using tech and learning
  • Enjoys drumming, flying, and tinkering with tech

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Simulation Studios
SimStudios creates business simulations that accelerate corporate change initiatives.

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